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LT40WIDE Sawmill

A new head with more capacity
The well-known and very popular LT40 sawmill has its new version in the form of the WIDE head with larger capacity.
Descripción LT40WIDE Sawmill

The well-known and very popular LT40 sawmill has its new version in the form of the WIDE head with larger capacity. In the new version of the LT40WIDE sawmill, distance between rollers reaches 84 cm, providing an increase of 12 cm compared to the standard version. A wider head allows you to cut logs of larger diameter - up to 100 cm. Ensuring even better blade stability the new LT40WIDE is equipped with an upgraded blade guide arm.

With the standard electronic SW Setworks, simply select the board thickness required and the head height automatically positions for each cut - no waiting for calculations. Forward and reverse movement is made by the adjustable power feed. A water tank feeds lubrication directly to the blade to improve cutting performance and keep the blade clean. The electric blade guide arm keeps the blade supported while cutting various sized material. Blade tension is easily adjusted, and keeps the blade at the proper tension for cutting. Wood-Mizer’s wide range of affordable blades are designed for all cutting requirements, and deliver maximum log yield and minimal waste of the valuable timber.

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Características LT40WIDE Sawmill

Más Información LT40WIDE Sawmill
Más Información
Energía 11 kW Eléctrico
15 kW Eléctrico
18,5 kW Eléctrico
28 HP Gasolina
38 HP Gasolina
Cutting Capacity
Diámetro 100 cm
Ancho máximo de corte 84 cm
Ancho máx. de la troza 72 cm
Profundidad máx. de corte 35 cm
Head Features and Options
Setworks SW10
SW PLC1 (solamente AC)
SW PLC2 (solamente AC)
Accuset2 (solamente AC y DC)
Movimiento vertical del cabezal Eléctrico
Avance/retroceso del cabezal Eléctrico
Brazo del guiasierra Eléctrico
Sistema de lubricación de la sierra LubeMizer
Sistema de tensión de la sierra Manija de tensión hidráulica con manómetro
Descortezador Opcional
Opciones Embrague automático (para modelos DC)
Marcador laser
Longitud 4330 mm
Ancho 32 mm
35 mm
38 mm
Blade Wheels
Diámetro volante 483 mm
Tipo Con correas
Material Hierro fundido
Bed Features and Options
Estructura de la bancada Monocarril
Rieles de la bancada en ángulo Opcional
Extensiones de bancada Extensiones de chasis: 0.5 m
Manual o hidráulico extensiones de chasis: 1.8 m, 3.6 m o 7.2 m
Paquete de remolque Opcional
Log Handling
Manuell Apoyos de nivelación base
Soportes laterales de troncos
Abrazadera de troncos
Cabrestante gira
Brazos de carga (hidráulica manual)
Idraulica STANDARD 3 soportes laterales
Pinza central a dos varillas
Volteador de troncos
Rodillos niveladores de troncos
Abrazaderas de sujeción
Cargador de troncos
Idraulica SUPER Volteador de cadenas
2 soportes laterales verticales
Pinza central a dos varillas
Rodillo nivelador de troncos
Rodillo traccionado con dos cilindros
Sawmill Features and Options
Tipo Telaio Voladizo
Estándares CE
Opciones Plataforma de troncos
Mesa cinta inclinada
Mesa de rodillos
Plataforma de transferencia
Rodillo de absorción
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